What is Studio MD?

Studio Meltdown is a mixing studio in Varberg, Sweden, and I have been running it since 2012.
Studio MD offers affordable prices to all types of artists/bands in all genres (but focusing on Rock and Metal) depending on the size of the projects and the situation of the artist/band.

My name is Kenny Boufadene, 29 years old musician/producer/sound engineer originally from Gothenburg Sweden.
I am a guitarist, songwriter, producer and growler/screamer/singer in the Alternative Rock act
"We Are The Catalyst"

I am also the former guitarist/growler of the now disbanded Modern Metal band One Without.

I have studied music and sound engineering for three years in Upper Secondary School, and although Studio Meltdown is new, I myself have been active in mixing and producing for several years.

In 2012 I interned as producer/mixer/engineer with Producer Pontus Hjelm (He has worked with artists/bands such as Dead By April, The Unguided, Devlin, Example, Lyracis, Nana Tanimura, Engel, Marionette, and many more.)

Feel free to contact me to discuss a possible collaboration at: studiomeltdown(AT)gmail.com

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